Interior Designer / Saleperson


Job Type
Full Time
Closing Date
April 30, 2017


Bathroom Designer/Salesperson

We are seeking a self-motivated, sales driven Bathroom Designer. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in the kitchen/bath and interior design industry. You will work closely with owner (designer), assisting on projects of theirs as well as your own.

Job description:

·        deal with clients first

·        discuss the detail of the project

·        plan for the whole aspect of the bathroom including the color, cabinets, bathroom layout and the finishing touches such as artwork, towels, accessories etc.

·        to plan functional design(s) of clients bathrooms/ draw the plan according to their client’s needs/ illustrate detailed plan through hand drawings

·        develop sales and design solutions for clients as well of making strategic pricing and project management

·        prepare an estimated cost for the project (fixtures only)

·        work with plumbing department for installation estimate and scheduling

·        work in retail showroom merchandising and selling accessories such as artwork, bathroom textiles, giftware etc.

Experience in cabinet sales with the ability to leverage existing contacts would be highly beneficial. Prospecting clients is a must.


Job Type: Full-time


238 George Street
Postal Code


Experience required:

  • know how to read floor plans
  • Diploma in Interior Design or equivalent
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong computer skills in Word and Excel
  • Ability to learn new program quickly
  • Must be highly motivated and a detail oriented individual
  • As you are dealing with clients at all times you will be expected to have an      exceptional level of customer service
  • Strong problem solver who can think outside the box to create solutions
  • Outgoing personality, comfortable communicating via telephone

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